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Postpartum support

After you deliver your baby, Noant Health Huntersville OB/GYN is here to support you as you recover from birth and begin your new responsibilities as a mother. While childbirth is a normal, natural process, it is also one that is unique for each mother. We understand that every mother's recovery and after-birth needs are unique as well. We are here to meet those needs with both physical and emotional support.

Postpartum visit

You will have at least one follow-up appointment after your delivery with a provider in our office. The timing of this appointment will depend on whether you have a vaginal or cesarian delivery. Additional follow-up appointments will be scheduled as needed to monitor your recovery.

Breastfeeding help

While some women find breastfeeding to be easy, many mothers (and babies!) find the process to be difficult or even painful. All patients at Novant Health Huntersville OB/GYN have access to the certified lactation consultants at Novant Health Nursing Mother's Place. This group offers one-on-one consultations as well as group breastfeeding classes.

Your provider can also help you address concerns including mastitis, engorgement, and cracked and sore nipples.

Postpartum depression

Being a bit sleep deprived and overwhelmed after having a baby is common. Feeling so sad or helpless that your feelings interfere with caring for yourself or your baby is less common and is nothing you have to deal with alone. Novant Health Huntersville OB/GYN is here to help you determine if you are suffering from postpartum depression and, when necessary, to get you the help you need to battle it. If you think you are suffering from postpartum depression, call our office.

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